Coinbase temporarily pauses ETH staking reward payouts

Coinbase yesterday evening announced it was suspending ETH staking reward payouts. The crypto exchange has been having some issues with ETH staking recently. The exchange, however, expects to resolve the issue within 48 to 72 hours. In a statement issued on the exchange’s website on May 16, Coinbase announced that it was temporarily pausing issuing […]

Use This USPS Online Tool to Find Out If Mail Really Is Slower in Your Area

Along with the weather, commenting on how it seems like it’s taking longer for a piece of mail to arrive at its destination is another small talk standby. And while there’s not much you can do about these delays, you can now find out if delivery in your area is really is as slow as […]

Where to Find Extra Storage Space in Your Kitchen

While spacious kitchens have become a status symbol of sorts, that hasn’t always been the case. So if you live in an older home that hasn’t been updated, your kitchen may be smaller than you’d like, and lack the storage space you need. Or does it? Read more…

You Can Get 2 Months of Free Drinks at Panera

Summer’s almost here, which means rising temperatures, and with them, a constant craving for cool, refreshing beverages. And thanks to a current offer from Panera, you can get two months of free drinks this summer. Here’s what to know. Read more…

Rents Are Increasing Rapidly in These States Despite Flattening Nationally

Long-distance investing in markets in these states may help you improve your cash flow.

Seeing Greene: Getting Into Your First Property is Cheaper Than You Think

You’ve been lied to about affordable housing. Most people will either tell you it’s impossible to buy an affordable home or that those buying affordable homes are outright stupid. The […]

The Best Ways to Use Grass Clippings in Your Garden

  Read more…

Here’s When Fixing Your Washing Machine Makes More Sense

Your parents are right: They don’t make appliances built to last anymore. So when your washing machine breaks down, or it becomes clear that it’s starting to fail, you’re faced with a decision: Should you pay to have it repaired, or buy a new one? Here’s what to know. Read more…

WSJ Says a Housing Bust is Coming For Small-Time Investors—Here’s Why They Might Be Right

The Wall Street Journal is predicting a rough future for syndicate investors.

The State Of Florida’s Rental Market: What The Data Means For Investors

Some states that have been historically solid to invest in are starting to become more expensive and harder to cash flow in. Does Florida make the cut still?

You Can Get $59 Flights From Southwest This Summer

Are you stuck at home this weekend, while your friends and family are enjoying themselves out of town? Not to worry: You didn’t miss your chance at summer travel. In fact, you can get airfare as low as $59 one-way during S0uthwest’s current sale. Here’s what to know. Read more…

How an innocuous app morphed into a trojan – Week in security with Tony Anscombe

ESET research uncovers an Android app that initially had no harmful features but months later turned into a spying tool The post How an innocuous app morphed into a trojan – Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

Rookie Reply: Best HVACs, HELOCs, and Using Home Equity to Buy Rentals

Want to know how to use your home equity to buy your next rental? You could be sitting on tens of thousands in potential funds that’ll make saving for the […]

NAR membership, grim outlooks, beating the odds: Inman’s Top 5

Wondering what you missed this week? Find out with Inman’s Top 5 most-read stories of the week.

Your business shouldn’t advertise for Memorial Day. Here’s why

Should you advertise for Memorial Day? Jessi Healey, a previous military spouse and social media expert sounds off on what is and isn’t appropriate over May’s annual three-day weekend.

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