How to Pull Off the ‘Hidden Kitchen’ Trend

Interior design trends reflect the times we live in, and nearly three years into a pandemic that’s made eating at restaurants pretty risky, it’s no surprise that kitchen renovations are high on the wish list for many people. In particular, so-called “hidden” or “invisible” kitchens have gotten quite popular over the… Read more…

The Best Time to Carve Your Pumpkin so It’s Not Rotten on Halloween

It’s officially pumpkin season, and you know what that means. If you’re a parent in suburbia, not only will you go to a pumpkin patch to enjoy a hayride, corn maze, apple cider donuts, and pay $117 to shlep pumpkins across a giant field, you will also wonder: When can I carve these bad boys […]

We’d shut down Ethereum staking if threatened by regulators, says Coinbase’s CEO

Coinbase’s CEO says the crypto exchange will abandon Ethereum staking if threatened by regulatory agencies. The Ethereum blockchain will fully migrate to a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism in less than a month. This implies that Ethereum tokens will be staked and not mined. The move is designed to solve some of the key issues […]

Coinbase introduces liquid staking token ahead of the Ethereum Merge

Crypto exchange Coinbase has launched Ethereum liquid staking token ahead of Ethereum’s migration to a proof of stake protocol. Coinbase, one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world, announced via a tweet on Wednesday, August 24th, that it has launched its liquid staking token called, Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH (cbETH). This latest development comes […]

10 Bear Facts You Need for Fat Bear Week

Fat Bear Week is upon us. In just a few short days, on October 11 (Fat Bear Tuesday), one of Katmai National Park’s over 2,000 Alaskan brown bears will be crowned the fattest of them all based on internet votes. So, in celebration of these ursine kings and queens, let’s enjoy some facts about bears […]

The Out-of-Touch Adults’ Guide to Kid Culture: Why Is Lil Yachty in Poland?

Halloween is coming, and things are getting very weird. Rapper Lil Yachty is taking a walk to Poland, and TikTokers are putting pumpkins on their heads, buying all the skeletons on earth, and making their pets into demons. Oh, and NFT marketers are entering the TikTok-sphere to lie to kids about the metaverse. Read more…

Everything You Need to Know About the Google Pixel Watch

Google’s highly anticipated Pixel Watch is finally here. After years of speculation, scrapped prototypes, and a Fitbit acquisition, the company has a smartwatch of its own, neatly integrated with its line of Pixel devices. What sets it apart from the competition? What does it do? Here’s everything you need to know… Read more…

What Actually Helps Get Rid of a Hickey (and What Makes It Worse)

Just like with acne and angst, hickeys don’t necessarily disappear after adolescence. Hickeys are mocked as a teenage whim, but any adult with a healthy sex life knows all too well what it’s like to realize you have an unseemly bruise on your neck. And as adults, we should know what’s fact and what’s fiction […]

Google Still Working On Getting Timestamps Accurate In Search Results

Google is still working on getting the timestamps accurate in the search results and news search results. Several publishers, including the Director of SEO at USA Today and the SEO Editor for WSJ complained about the inaccurate timestamps in Google Search the other day.

Search News Buzz Video Recap: Google Algorithmic Swings, Search Console Weirdness, Google Reviews Guidelines, Google Ads & More

This week, I posted the monthly Google webmaster report, an excellent place to catch up on the past month in SEO. Glenn Gabe shared some wild charts showing how Google’s various search algorithms can’t make up its mind about on-site quality. Google Search…

Please Don’t Put Cooking Spray in Your Air Fryer

One of things everyone loves about their air fryer is how it can make foods crispy without using a ton of oil. This does not, however, prevent people from adding some oil to their food. After all, fat is flavor, and there can be some anxiety over things sticking to the basket tray. Read more…

7 social media tips every agent should live by

Social media allows you to find your ideal clients by attracting them rather than chasing them, deepen existing relationships and make new ones. Here are the seven best social media tips Jimmy Burgess has ever heard and how you can apply them to grow your presence and influence via social media.

7 essential types of writing every busy real estate agent should learn

You may not have gotten into real estate because of a love of writing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to express yourself with skill. Let marketing expert Christy Murdock walk you through some of the writing elements you’ll encounter most often and teach you how to approach them with confidence.

What’s a ‘tornado housing market?’ Hint: You might be in one right now

Coldwell Banker Warburg President Frederick Warburg Peters coined the term to describe a phenomenon where one home trades hands briskly while a similar property nearby languishes.

Google Stan Dinosaur Dressed Up For???

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