10 Anti-Valentine’s Day Gifts and Activities If You DGAF About Romance

Valentine’s Day is embarrassing. All those flowers and that soppy sentiment? No thank you. Not for me, or my fellow misanthropes. Still, many of us manage to find love, despite our poisonous hearts. If you’re lucky enough to meet a fellow traveler who hates the same things you hate, you have to play the game, […]

How to Get Actually Useful Feedback From Your Boss

A common gripe about bosses is that they give little to no feedback, leaving employees wondering how they’re performing or worried that something might be wrong. But not receiving feedback often means only that: You’re not getting feedback. In many cases, the reason has to do with the manager’s skill set, not yours—… Read more…

This Is the Best Beef for Your Stew

I am tired of being cold. Unfortunately, given the fact that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I am probably going to go on being cold for at least six more weeks. Luckily, I am not tired of eating warming foods, such as soups, big piles of potatoes, and stews. Stews are especially fortifying—particularly, beef […]

Google Blasts Agencies That Sell Links & Disavow Link Services

John Mueller of Google blasted SEO or marketing agencies that sell both link-building services and disavow link services. He said on Twitter, “These agencies (both those creating, and those disavowing) are just making stuff up, and cashing in from those who don’t know better.”

Google: Search Console Verification Does Not Impact Your Ranking

Gary Illyes said in the Google SEO office-hours from yesterday that verifying your website in Google Search Console won’t impact your Google Search indexing or ranking whatsoever.

Google: Firewalls or CDNs Issues Are The Most Common Reason For Blocking Googlebot

Gary Illyes from Google posted a new PSA on LinkedIn saying that the most common reason a site unexpectedly blocks Googlebot from crawling is due to a misconfiguration of a firewall or CDN.

Gaggle Of 3D Printed Googlebots

Google Ads To Update Government Documents and Official Services Policy On March 31

After months of silence and no policy updates from Google Ads, Google has posted that it will be updating its Google Ads Government documents and official services policy in a big way.

Google: Nofollow Site Credit Links Footer Links If You Control Them

Google is still recommending that you nofollow your credit links in your footer, if you have control over those links. So the site designed by or powered by or made by types of links, nofollow those links if you can. If you can’t – then don’t worry about it, Google added.

Redfin builds on app feature with ‘Favorites Lists’ for buyers, renters

Redfin’s new website and app feature will allow homebuyers and renters to save their favorite properties in customized lists and share them with their home search partner to stay organized.

US home prices slip for fifth month as market bottom comes into view

The Case-Schiller index posted a 7.7 percent annual gain in home prices — down from a 9.2 percent gain in October — while the FHFA index showed a 0.1 percent decline in prices between October and November.

5 secrets behind my best sales year yet, despite the market slowdown

Top-producing agent Mary Bonham believes that no matter what the market renders, there are key actions we can take as Realtors that’ll improve our business.

Minimum wage workers need at least 4 jobs to pay rent in some cities

Even the most expensive cities — which typically have higher minimum wages — are more affordable than those with $7.25 an hour minimums, according to data released Tuesday by Zillow.

What does good leadership look like in 2023? Pulse

As we launch into Leadership Month here at Inman, we’re asking you: What does leadership look like today?

In a first, Rocket Mortgage powers mortgages for a community bank

Nashville, Tennessee-based Fourth Capital Bank is the first to integrate Rocket’s digital mortgage application using a new platform developed by Q2 Software.

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