Coinbase introduces liquid staking token ahead of the Ethereum Merge

Crypto exchange Coinbase has launched Ethereum liquid staking token ahead of Ethereum’s migration to a proof of stake protocol. Coinbase, one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world, announced via a tweet on Wednesday, August 24th, that it has launched its liquid staking token called, Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH (cbETH). This latest development comes […]

9 of the Best New Things to Stream in December 2022

Rejoice, my fellow Grinches: This curated list of December streaming options is (nearly) Santa-free. Although it’s a rather lean month as far as each streaming service’s releases go, there are still plenty of new movies and shows sure to appeal to a broad swatch of your extended family members this holiday season. … Read more…

Top tips to save energy used by your electronic devices

With the rapidly rising energy prices putting a strain on many households, what are some quick wins to help reduce the power consumption of your gadgets? The post Top tips to save energy used by your electronic devices appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

Your iPhone Might Call the Police on You for Skiing

Your iPhone and Apple Watch want to keep you safe, but sometimes, they’re a bit overzealous about it. In an effort to save your life in the event of a car crash, they’ll reach out to emergency services on your behalf and let them know what’s going on. Only occasionally, they’ll mistake innocuous activities for… […]

The Best Ways to Respond to Unfair Feedback at Work

Early in my career I had an interaction with a boss I now regret. She began by saying, “I want to give you some feedback on your work.” With a list in front of her, she began to describe all the things she felt I had been doing poorly. She made little eye contact and […]

Daily Search Forum Recap: December 1, 2022

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today…

What to Gift Someone You Don’t Like, According to Reddit

The subreddit r/GiftIdeas is a gold mine not just for gift ideas, but also for drama. There’s the mother-in-law who rejects every gift, but also rejects the idea of not giving gifts. The “somewhat unpleasant” brother-in-law. The posts that start with “unfortunately, I must still get this asshole a gift.” If you, too,… Read more…

Six Ways to Use Swiffers Around the House (Besides Swiffering)

Swiffers are kind of weird. They are pretty expensive to begin with, not to mention that you have to keep buying pads and refill liquid for them—and a good old-fashioned mop is cheaper and accomplishes the same goal. There are some unusual uses for Swiffers that a mop can’t replicate, though; so if you’ve already […]

Market domination: Adopt these 7 daily habits for explosive growth

If you’re serious about growing your business, this plan is for you. Jimmy Burgess goes over seven different activities, with a specific number of repetitions for each activity, that will produce results in any market environment.

Agent Marketing: Refine and elevate your 2023 marketing strategy at Inman Connect New York

Give your real estate business an immunity boost with marketing advice and strategies from top digital creators at Inman Connect New York Jan. 24-26, 2023.

11 of the Best Gifts for the DIYer on Your List

Giving the right gift to a DIY home renovator can be challenging. With lots to choose from, picking out just the right thing for your favorite home maintenance expert or finding something great for a kitchen cabinet self-installer can really be tricky. From beginners to DIY veterans, here are some of our favorite gift … […]

You Can Power Your House With Wind, but Should You?

Seems like everything is more expensive these days, and one of the most worrying bills hitting your bank account is for home energy use. From gas to electricity, the cost of keeping our lives lit up, warm, and connected isn’t going to get lower any time soon, so it’s little wonder people are increasingly turning […]

Keep Your Christmas Tree Away From Windows, and Other Ways to Avoid a Holiday Break-In

Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas tried to warn us. Home Alone did too. Although winter isn’t peak season for burglaries, it offers would-be breakers and enterers some unique opportunities to scheme. After all, there’s no better time than the frigid months for people to leave their homes for a vacation… Read more…

Where to Get Free Cookies This Weekend for National Cookie Day

We can thank Sesame Street. In 1976, they came up with “Free Cookie Day,” which would later be picked up on by the Blue Chip Cookie Company and gain some traction. This Sunday, Dec 4, is National Cookie Day. But you can get free cookies even sooner at some places. Here’s where you can get […]

New Redfin Report Shows Which Housing Markets Are Gaining—And Losing

If you read anything about the housing market during the pandemic, you will remember a few metro areas that became the fastest-growing hotspots. Now, according to a recent report by Redfin, […]

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