We’d shut down Ethereum staking if threatened by regulators, says Coinbase’s CEO

Coinbase’s CEO says the crypto exchange will abandon Ethereum staking if threatened by regulatory agencies. The Ethereum blockchain will fully migrate to a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism in less than a month. This implies that Ethereum tokens will be staked and not mined. The move is designed to solve some of the key issues […]

Daily Search Forum Recap: August 18, 2022

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today…

Is West Nile Virus Getting Bad Again?

West Nile virus has been found in a record number of mosquitoes in the New York City area, with at least two cases known to have occurred in humans. If you weren’t around for the last big West Nile panic about 20 years ago, you might be wondering just what this disease is and whether […]

What’s the Most Basic Equipment You Need to Work Out at Home?

If you’re building out a home gym, we have suggestions on where to start and what to buy next. But what if you don’t want a ton of equipment, just the minimum for getting a decent workout at home? First, figure out if there is a specific type of workout you’d like to do. Kettlebells […]

Why Chemists Rinse Their Glassware Three Times (and Why You Should, Too)

In a former life, I was a lab technician in a chemistry lab, where I used a very small portion of the knowledge I had gained studying chemistry for four years. I left that industry over a decade ago, but little habits have stuck with me, particularly when it comes to glassware. Read more…

Top-Producing LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance members earned $4.85M

The second annual Top Producers list honors 325 agents and team leaders who raked in $4.85 million in 2021, alone, reflecting the growing influence of LGBTQ+ agents in the industry, the Alliance says.

Leading Brown Harris Stevens team moves to Douglas Elliman

Jonathan Stein’s team was ranked BHS’ No. 1 downtown real estate team in 2021, bringing in over $100 million in closed or pending contracts that year.

3 strategies to supercharge your real estate brand during a market downturn

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How to Recover a Microsoft Office File You Forgot to Save

You’re working diligently on an Excel spreadsheet, making sure all the figures are accurate and everything looks great. You’re a machine: There’s nothing that can stop you from acing this task and impressing your boss. Except, however, for a power outage that shuts your PC down before you had a chance to save. Now you… […]

Do You Ever Have to Tell Your Boss About Your Second Job?

It’s a fact of living in a work-obsessed world: You may find yourself with more than one job at some point. Hell, I haven’t had just one job since high school. For 14 years, I’ve had multiple income sources at all times, which has been great for survival in a financial sense, but not always […]

These Are the First Changes You Should Make on Any New MacBook

If you recently bought a new Mac, you don’t have to spend days setting it up to your liking. Whether it’s for work, school, or a little of everything, following these eight tips will make your new laptop is ready for whatever you throw at it. Read more…

Maybe You Need a Portable Washing Machine

If you rent your home, there’s a good chance one of your biggest pain points is laundry. If there’s no laundry in your unit or building, you’re stuck heading to a laundromat (or your parents’ house) on a regular basis. But there might be another solution: Just like the countertop dishwasher, you can buy yourself […]

How to Actually Get Through Airport Security Faster

Read more…

Keeping the Lending Cake Upright: How the Lending Industry’s Liquidity Crisis is Affecting Investors

Recently, when the Fed raised interest rates again, my company, an institutional real estate investment lender in the private lending community, was bombarded with calls from investors saying, “My lender […]

WATCH: Demand for speed and access has tech moving forward

Pandemic-spurred access to technology in the transaction continues to fuel consumer demand for more seamless ways of doing business, speakers at Inman Connect Las Vegas said.

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