How Being a Quitter Will Make You a Millionaire

Before you quit your job, you’ll need to do a few crucial things. If you haven’t done these yet, but are strongly considering leaving your job soon, Henry Washington and […]

Happy Grasshopper adds 124th hgRECRUITS brokerage partner

Real estate communication platform Happy Grasshopper has added Houston-based ERA Legacy Living as its latest hgRECRUITS brokerage partner, according to an announcement on Friday. ERA Legacy Living joins 123 leading brokerages, such as Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and 72 Sold, that also use the platform.

Take a look at what CoStar calls the empowering ‘Listing of the Future’

New feature set to provide more information about each individual property, including 3D tours, photos and the view out the window. ‘Getting on a prospect’s short list is very important.’

Place picks up 2 new C-suite executives to ‘further our vision’

Emiliano Delucia and Abby Powell will help lead the startup less than a year after it achieved unicorn status. The company said it employs 584 people.

First Guaranty Mortgage cuts 76% of workforce, leaving partners in lurch

Non-QM lender lender lays off three-fourths of workforce, saying it’s experienced “significant operating losses and cash flow challenges” and has been unable to obtain funding.

Oh No, Your Eyes Can Get Sunburned

The sun can wreak havoc on a lot of things, from your car to your skin. Did you know that even your eyes are susceptible to damage from UV rays? They are. We don’t usually call that “an eye sunburn,” though; we call it photokeratitis. But it’s effectively the same thing, and it’s bad news. […]

What If, Hypothetically, You Really Want to Move to Canada ASAP

For some reason, the frequency of google searches for “How to move to Canada” spiked by 550% last week. Maybe Justin Trudeau must have announced a new tourist-attracting marketing campaign or something? Read more…

How to Calculate Your Personal Inflation Rate (and Why You Should)

If you’ve checked the news even once over the past few months (or tried to buy basically anything), you know the United States is currently dealing with a bit of an inflation problem. Compared to this time last year, the price of food has gone up 10.1%. The price of new cars has gone up […]

Should You Choose a Hotel or an Airbnb for Your Next Trip?

One of the many decisions to make when traveling is: Airbnb or hotel? While you’re probably going to consider the obvious, like location, availability, and cost, there are many other factors that could influence your experience. Read more…

How to Renounce Your U.S. Citizenship

Last week, Green Day frontman Billie Joel Armstrong told a London crowd he was planning to renounce his United States citizenship because the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, eliminating the federal right to an abortion in the country. It’s not exactly shocking that the man whose band is responsible for the 2004… Read more…

11 Beginner-Friendly Exercises to Do With Kettlebells

Want to add some kettlebell exercises to your routine, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are 11 mostly beginner-friendly moves you can do with those kettlebells that are lurking in the corner of your gym, or with a bell you might have at home. We’ll start with the more accessible stuff, and get into […]

Daily Search Forum Recap: June 27, 2022

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web. Google has updated its crawl stats help document…

Kids Can Still Eat for Free at These Restaurants

If your eyebrows furrowed last time you got the check at a restaurant, you’re not alone. The price of going out for a meal has risen 9% compared to this time last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While taking the family out to dinner certainly isn’t your cheapest meal option, it doesn’t […]

What’s New on Prime Video in July 2022

After a tortured development process that involved multiple failed films and more than a few false starts as a TV series, Y: The Last Man premiered on Hulu, finally bringing celebrated comics writer Brian K. Vaughan’s post-apocalyptic opus to the small screen. It was promptly canceled before the first season had even… Read more…

Finish Your Dish With a Splash of Pickle Juice

Knowing how to finish a dish is what separates the great home cooks from the merely good ones. That extra bit of attention to detail not only makes your food taste better, it makes it feel intentional and complete. If your meal is a sentence, the finishing touches are the period, or perhaps an exclamation […]

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