Why is Ethereum falling against Bitcoin? Maxis loudly celebrate but miss the point

Key Takeaways Ethereum has fallen against Bitcoin thus far this year This is unusual as the market has risen, and altcoins tend to outperform Bitcoin in bull markets Nonetheless, Bitcoin maxis represent everything that is and about the space, writes our Analyst Dan Ashmore Their celebrations also forget the fact that Ethereum has still crushed […]

10+ Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Now – What Crypto to Buy Today for the Best ROI in 2023 and Beyond

It’s an incredible time to invest in cryptocurrency, with many analysts claiming that the bear market is now behind us and that the crypto market is on the way toward the next bull market. That said, identifying the best projects can be difficult, so it can be useful to keep a close eye on the […]

SEC could scrap crypto staking, Coinbase CEO reveals

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted saying The SEC could ban crypto staking Armstrong however said that crypto staking is an essential innovation in crypto. The revelation was met with criticism from Charles Hoskinson who said Ethereum staking is problematic. The co-founder and CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong earlier today tweeted revealed that he is hearing […]

Coinbase says ETH unstaking requests may take weeks or months to process

Staked ETH withdrawals are being processed on Ethereum Goerli Testnet ahead of the Shanghai upgrade. Coinbase has said it expects demand for ETH unstaking to surge after the Shanghai upgrade. The exchange has however said the ETH unstaking requests might take weeks or months to process. Ethereum developers have set a target date of April […]

Google Cow

Google: URLs Excluded By Robots.txt Aren’t Removed Until URLs Are Individually Reprocessed

Google’s John Mueller posted a clarification on how and when Google processes the removal requests, or exclusion requests, you make in your robots.txt. The action is not taken when Google discovers the change in your robots.txt, but rather after first the robots.txt is processed and then the specific URLs that are impacted are individually reprocessed […]

Microsoft To Relax Bing Chat Limits On Balanced Mode Before Other Modes

Microsoft is planning first to work on relaxing the Bing Chat limits and chat caps for the balanced mode before working on relaxing those limits on other modes, said Mikhail Parakhin, CEO of Bing.

Google Ranking Updates Added To Google Search Status Dashboard

Google has added a new section to the Google Search Status Dashboard – Ranking. The Ranking section will show the confirmed Google ranking updates that Google already posts on its Google updates page.

Bing Chat Can Make Images With Image Creator

Microsoft has announced that Bing Chat in “creative” mode can now create images based on you inputting a description of what you want it to create or referencing another image. Jordi Ribas from Microsoft said on Twitter, “now you can create an image by simply using your own words to describe the picture you want […]

Google Bard Begins To Slowly Rollout – Citations, Limitations & Early Access

Yesterday, Google began to slowly roll out Google Bard to some initial reporters and also Google opened up a waitlist to users in the US and UK. I personally do not have access just yet, but I have a feeling I might have access soon.

$900K in Real Estate at Age 17 by Doing What 99% of Teenagers Won’t

$900K in real estate at age 17!? That can’t be possible! If you’re feeling shocked, join the club because today’s episode is something that’ll leave you more fired up than […]

RentSpree adds realMLS to its growing list of partners

Technology company RentSpree has partnered with Jacksonville, Florida’s, realMLS to empower agents in the rental business, the company exclusively told Inman.

Falling existing-home sales reverse as record-streak of price hikes end

Existing-home sales surged 14.5 percent in February, reversing a yearlong trend of falling transactions from one month to the next, according to data released Tuesday by the National Association of Realtors.

Flipping houses is dead. Today’s hot new strategy is ‘house hacking’

“America’s #1 Money Mentor” and HGTV’s Chris Naugle sits down with Bernice Ross in this video interview to give the inside scoop on the hottest investment strategy for today’s market.

Creative financing rules as investors head into spring with fewer options

Real estate investors are heading into spring facing the same inventory and interest rate woes that are dampening all of real estate. But sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.

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